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  • Easy to use : Patented structural design, assembly dose not require any tools!
  • Multipurpose : Place a variety of tools, parts, cutting tools!
  • Modular design : Can be big or small, combination according to your needs, make full use of space!
  • Color management : Classification and management is very easy, distinguish easily and save time!


  • End Mill、Drill、Reamer(Tungsten 、HSS)
  • Throw-away End Mill、Drill
  • Exchangeable End Mill(Throw-away、Tungsten)
  • Connection rod(Tungsten、Steel)
  • Boring Bar
  • ER Collet
  • Edge finder(Eccentric、Optical)
  • Diamond & CBN Tools

Install Example - 1

Install Example - 2

Install Example - 3

Install Example - 4

Install Example - 5

Optional: Tray (Material: Stainless Steel )
Dimension (L*W*H): 185*125*32 mm

Install Example - 6

Optional: Tray (Material: Stainless Steel )
Dimension (L*W*H): 185*125*32 mm


4mm (Dia 4 holes) 12 pcs/set
6mm (Dia 6 holes) 12 pcs/set
8mm (Dia 8 holes) 6 pcs/set
10mm (Dia 10 holes) 6 pcs/set
12mm (Dia 12 holes) 6 pcs/set
16mm (Dia 16 holes) 6 pcs/set
20mm (Dia 20 holes) 6 pcs/set


  • Adjustable design: Using 3mm hex key then you can adjust the holding range.
  • Easy to storage all kinds tool, like turning, drilling, boring tool all could be fit.
  • Both square shank and the cylinder shank tool holder can be hold.
  • 19~45mm; 3/4”~1-3/4”, all can be used.

Installation Example - 1

Installation Example - 2

Protective case example: Keep the original packaging of your tools and use it as protection from oil residue, iron dust and collision.

Installation Step - 1

Moving the plastic clamp to the position you need, then lock the screw by 3mm hex key.

Installation Step - 2

Put 2 pcs of the same diameter and shape tools or other materials on the front and rear sides.

Installation Step - 3

Moving the other side clamp close to the tool or other materials, then lock the screws.

Product Manual

Parts Material
Base SUS304 x 1pcs
Semi-circular screw Steel x 20 pcs (M5 inner hexagon)
Plastic Clamp PON (Polyacetal ) x 10pcs
U type handle Steel x 2 pcs
Flange nuts Steel x 8 pcs (M6, diameter 10 mm)
Size And Weight
Tool plate dimensions 290 x 185 x 55 mm, NW = 1.6 kg
Packing Dimensions 310 x 225 x 53 mm, GW = 1.7 kg
Package way carton
Adjustable Storage Module
Max. loading weight 15kg / set