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2017 / 03 / 01

Oil Mist Air Cleaner

  • Easy to install. Suitable for all oil mist generated from working machine.
  • High Efficiency. Small size. Easy to install in small factory area, or machines.
  • Improve air quality inside factory. Raise labor’s working efficiency.
  • Separate air and oil from oil mist efficiently. Easy to clean.
  • Absorb 99.5% of 0.3μm particles.
  • Absorb toxic gas generated from cutting process.
  • Filter is in annular folding shape, to increase absorbing power.
  • Less noise, high absorbing power. Save electricity.
  • Collected oil can be reused 95% after collected from our product.
  • Use European Regulation E11 filtering material to filter suspended particle pm2.5 effectively.