Adjustable Tool Storage Tray

  • Adjustable design: Using 3mm hex key then you can adjust the holding range.
  • 19~45mm; 3/4”~1-3/4”, all can be used.
  • Both square shank and the cylinder shank tool holder can be hold.
  • Easy to storage all kinds tool, like turning, drilling, boring tool all could be fit.

Protective case example: Keep the original packaging of your tools and use it as protection from oil residue, iron dust and collision.

Moving the plastic clamp to the position you need, then lock the screw by 3mm hex key.

Put 2 pcs of the same diameter and shape tools or other materials on the front and rear sides.

Moving the other side clamp close to the tool or other materials, then lock the screws.

Parts material
Base SUS304 x 1pcs
Semi-circular screw Steel x 20 pcs (M5 inner hexagon)
Plastic Clamp PON (Polyacetal) x 10pcs
U type handle Steel x 2 pcs
Flange nuts Steel x 8 pcs (M6, diameter 10 mm)
Size and weight
Tool plate dimensions 290 x 185 x 55 mm, NW = 1.6 kg
Packing Dimensions 310 x 225 x 53 mm, GW = 1.7 kg
Package way carton
Adjustable storage module
Max. loading weight 15kg / set