Automatically Change Copper Drilling EDM

  • Automatic 16 & 30 copper tube changers available.
  • Precision servo motors on X,Y,Z axes provide excellent stability during drilling.
  • Provide 1μ optical scale, linear slideway and ballscrew ensure very accurate movements.
  • Automatic copper tube deviation correction.
  • NC program G-code and DXF files could be directly read; Automatically finds the start cutting point and begins a fine hole drilling process.
  • The machining coordinate can be input directly when NC program is not available.
  • Automatic edge, internal diameter finding, and centering.
  • Coordinates can rotate at any angle.
  • Mirror image function.
  • Drilling capacity from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm diameter brass or copper electrode tubes.
  • Automatic illustrates the path of current and next drilling position with color.
  • Z axis auto reset and depth calculation. (Z axis automatically checks depths of holes, and returns to complete any that are too shallow.)
  • The flushing medium used by this machine is distilled water - environment friendly.
  • Data could be input by USB, or transfer through network.
  • Direct and easy learning dialogue operation interface.
Dimensions KTC-506ATC
Work table dimension (mm) 600 × 700
Max. Workpiece dimension (mm) 800 × 1120
Table travel X/Y (mm) 500 × 600
Z axis travel (mm) 350
Ram servo travel (mm) 350
Max. Length of electrode (mm) 400
Min. Electrode diameter (mm) Ø0.2 ~ Ø3.0
Max. Workpiece weight (kgs) 500
Dielectric Water
Capacity of dielectric (litres) 100
Machine weight (nw/gw) (kg) 2300 / 2500
Packing dimension (mm) 1900 × 1700 × 2400
Machine structure Double Column
Max. Current (A)/td> 25
Peak current setting (ip) (steps) 6
Pulse on-time setting (steps) 9
Pulse off-time setting (steps) 9
High volts (steps) 3
Power input (V) 220/ 380/ 415
Max. Rating power (KVA) 4
Standard Accessories ATC Drilling EDM
Electrode pipe guide Ø1.0mm -
Electrode tube Ø1.0mm × 10 -
Halogen work lamp -
Tool box × 1 -
Filter × 2 -
Parallel block 1set -
X, Y, Z axis precision ball screw -
Auto pressure release pump × 1 -
X, Y, Z axis precision servo motor -
1μ 2 axis optical scale and LCD -
X, Y, Z axis hand wheel -
X, Y, Z axis linear guideway For KTC 430 and above
Electrode auto change system -
Collet -
Pneumatic Spindle