Broken Tap Remover Manufacturer

Broken Tap Remover

  • Remove taps easily withot dmage the threads.
  • It is of portable design and its magnetic base, allows to be easily clamped on top of work piece for machining easily even on a large workpiece.
  • The work head is mounted on a +/- 30 degree angle slide plate.
  • This broken tap remover is a self-contained unit, complete with dielectric pump and central cooling for electrode holder.
  • With simple easy-to-understand operating panel on controller.
  • Starting hole for wire cut edm which do not need the precision.
  • Cutting tungsten carbide or any harden steel.
Generator Dimensions (mm) 500 × 300 × 220
Generator Weight (kg) 22
Machine Unit Dimensions(mm) 270 × 85 × 600
Machine Unit Weight(kg) 7.5
Maximum Current Output 10A
Workhead travel 100mm
Electrode diameter Min Ø1.0mm / Max Ø6.3mm
Meterial of Electrode Brass or Copper electrode tube
Dielectric Clean Water
Generator Power Input AC110 or AC220V, a-Phase 50/60Hz
Brass Electrode tubes 400mm Ø1.0mm x 2pcs. Ø1.5mm x 2pcs.
Ø2.0mm x 2pcs. Ø2.5mm x 2pcs.
Ø3.0mm x 2pcs. Ø3.5mm x 2pcs.
Ø4.0mm x 1pc. Ø5.0mm x 1pc.
Ø6.0mm x 1pc
Rubber Seal Ø1.0mm x 2pcs. Ø2.0mm x 2pcs.
Ø3.0mm x 2pcs. Ø4.0mm x 2pcs.
Ø5.0mm x 2pcs

Processing Method