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Suitable Industries for Our Products:

Our Drilling EDMs are machine tools that employ wire cutting processes used in a huge array of industries. Industries that use our products include in part: die machining, molds for rubber, automotive components, metal parts, national defense, aluminum molds, decorative products manufacture, hardware, computer peripherals, mobile telephones, electronics, food machinery, decorative materials, forged molds, medical equipment, textile machinery, wheels/rims, motherboard molds, LCDs, plasma TVs, communications, die-cast molds, sintered powder molds, tool & cutting tool molds and more. The popularity of our EDMs is due to their ability to improve production speed and bring efficient production fully into play.


Related Industrial Applications:

Grinders, Milling Machines, Boring Machines, Radial Arm Drills, CNC Wire Cutting, CNC Machining Centers


Laptop Keyboard, Speaker Grille or Cellphone


Medical Equipment




Aerospace Industry


Koton EDM Advantages:

  • Traditional small bore EDM, bed uses roller bearings, light force slippery.
  • KTH 405 CNC type and higher Small Bore EDM use linear guides and roller bearings, very fast, completely stable
  • and accurate.
  • Direct read-out of wire cutting NC program. Can support two machine uses in one.
  • Perfectly accurate machining, avoids worker inattention.
  • Fast electrical discharge, fast motion, reduces production time.
  • Can edit or import processing coordinates via computer without NC programmer present.
  • Machine can also read DXF files.


Small Bore EDM Range of Applications:

  • For use on super hard alloys, sintered powder and any material that will conduct electricity.
  • Wire cutting and drilling applications.
  • Any angle, curve, spherical or irregular surface can be drilled.
  • Drill hole diameter 0.2 - 6.0 mm, excellent on copper and brass.
  • This machine uses pure water for production fluid, no pollution from harmful chemicals.